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TerriStorias on-the-ground #1 – Canada

san francisco

San Francisco - Photo credit: TerriStorias

Canada, here we come!

Here and now starts the 'On-the-ground' Investigation Programof TerriStorias. During 3 months, we’re going to travel across North America, from Montréal to Vancouver, from San Francisco to New York City, passing by Chicago and Québec City, to study on the field dozens of practical examples relative to Sustainable urban planning, regarding to their social and/or ecological features.

Plus, we aim at starting the promotion of the TerriStorias Network at an international scale, directly to the professionals and local actors, highly knowledgeable about their agglomeration.

Among the expected inspiring projects to discover, there will be notably some outstanding initiatives dealing with Urban farming (Montréal, Québec, Vancouver), Green building (San Francisco, Montréal, Québec), Participatory Design for developing vibrant public spaces (Montréal, New York), ecological co-housing (Montréal), etc.

For each project studied on the field, you’ll find soon our Reports and Projects Sheets in the Our Reports section.

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