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TerriStorias on-the-ground #2 – U.S.A.

san francisco

San Francisco - Crédit photo : TerriStorias

A ticket to ride through the USA

After some difficulties passing through the frontier between Canada and U.S.A. (well, don’t try to take some fruits in your luggage, that’s forbidden and the joke might last for ages through customs!), Nathalie is now on the road again, towards San Francisco.

By the way - let’s disgress somewhat - « living on the road » really makes sense when it comes to travel with Greyhound, the famous North-American Bus network. It’s quite a unique experience when it comes to discover this huge country (because of the mileage of course, but also on the human side… you’ll get soon the opportunity to read more about this in the Blog « Journal de bord » column of this website).

But let’s come back to the main topic of this post: in San Francisco, we’ve identified some promising projects, dealing with seismic risk management (resilience of the built environment) and with the « Zero Waste » strategy of the city (remarkable as the best in all North America according to this study published by the New-Yorker “Economist Intelligence Unit” and sponsored by Siemens: “US and Canada Green City Index”).

Later, our travel route will stop in New York City and Chicago, notably to meet « Sustainable South Bronx » (this organisation has developed since 2001 a more and more inclusive and participatory project which aims at improving in an integrated way  the social, ecological and economical features  of Hunts Point neighbourhood in the South Bronx, NYC) and Project for Public Space (PPS), an organisation which highly involved itself from the very beginnings in the “NYC Streets Renaissance” program, to give back space to the pedestrians and revitalize neglected urban spaces.

For each project studied on the field, you’ll find soon our Reports and Projects Sheets in the Our Reports section.

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