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TerriStorias on-the-ground #4 – Argentina

buenos aires

Timeless Buenos Aires - Photo credit: TerriStorias

Happy New Year & Hello Argentina !

Our team wish you a very Happy New Year 2012. May it bring you a lot  of success for your innovative and remarkable projects, and encouraging steps forward concerning Sustainable Urban Planning!

For TerriStorias, 2012 is beginning with the exploration of Buenos Aires, well-known for its European family-likeness, before heading to Mendoza (the 4th metropolitan area in Argentina).

Eclectic reports are going to be realized there, for example: a comprehensive program conceived to improve accessibility to the Housing formal market (very excluding in Buenos Aires, because of all the required guarantees, which many workers can’t gather, even if they could pay the rent) by renovating abandoned buildings in downtown while getting the families in a social/empowerment program ; a surprising oasis of nature and biodiversity in the very central part of Buenos Aires ; the smart irrigation system of Mendoza, which proudly parade with its shady alleys bordered by big old trees in spite of a very dry climate, etc.

For each project studied on the field, you’ll find soon our Reports and Projects Sheets in the Our Reports section.

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