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Amsterdam promotes the Smart Work Centers concept to reduce its carbon footprint

Photo credit: Smartworkcenter-amsterdambrightcity.nl / Matthijs Borghgraef

Following the implementation of its "Amsterdam Smart City" long-term strategy, which aims at reducing the city's carbon footprint, Amsterdam has talked its council workers into going to Smart Work Centers . Doing so will reduce commuting time, which is well-known for altering dramatically workers' life quality, while damaging the environment.
In addition, these Work Centers pool the means to provide workers with a whole bunch of handy services.

In the end, each worker should be able to reach any of these centers throughout the country within 15 minutes biking.

Along with the Netherlands, South Korea is one of the most advanced countries regarding the development of ‘third-places’ for workers.

What about France? A cluster, known as Green and Connected Cities has been gathering various public and private partners to set up and implement a network of ‘Eco-centers 2.0’ on an Amsterdam-look-alike example.
Meanwhile, people who wish to experiment telecommuting may already look for that ideal third place on www.neo-nomade.com. This website lists various open and furnished locations throughout France, varying from the common telecommuting center to the WiFi Cafes, as well as the communities of independent workers.
This interactive website determines the location of every Center and provides a description that can be updated by any community's member.

[Source: InnovCity.fr / Author: Elsa Sidawy / Date of publication: April 26th, 2011]

Translated from French by: Aurélien Girault

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