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Wanted: Translators, we need your help to spread our reports worldwide!

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Spreading worldwide - Photo credit: TerriStorias

Do you speak (nearly) as well English as French?
Our association TerriStorias offers you to play an essential role with us in order to spread widely, at an international scale, the Best practices for Sustainable planning.

How to? By helping us to translate the reports of our online publication : www.terristorias.com

Of course, we offer you in return:
- to get a presentation of your profile in our section 'The team',
- to make mention of your name on every article that you've translated.

Our aim? To make well known our international selection of remarkable and practical projects, in order to support the most sustainable practices for Urban design and Town/Regional Planning.
Our main topics: green building, access for all to decent housing, placemaking and quality of public spaces, urban farming, social innovation, eco-mobility, ecological waste management... among others.

Contact us now to join our team of volunteers!


  1. Morice /

    Bonsoir!! je suis intéressée pour vous traduire en espagnol.
    Nous essayons de montrer des projets comme ceux que vous montrez.
    Cordialement, Amparo Morice Llusar

    • Nathalie /

      Bonjour Amparo,
      Merci de votre intérêt pour notre site, nous allons prendre contact avec vous par email.
      L’équipe de TerriStorias.com

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