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How to be an Urban Farmer

Common Good City Farm

Photo credit: Jason Hornick

What is it like to be an urban farmer? The Express Night Out examines the life of Anita Adalja, an urban grower for Common Good City Farm.
Anita earns between $30000 and $40000 a year tending to a half-acre farm south of Howard University in Washington, D.C. In addition, she teaches low-income residents how to be self-sufficient and raise their own crops.

According to Anita, the main difference between rural and urban farming is that “if you’re interested in working with people from all different backgrounds, urban farming is fantastic.” She stresses the social and community rewards of urban farming. Her introduction to the job came from another social project in New York City. Nonetheless, her crop cycle is very similar to rural farming- “tomatoes in the spring, okra in the summer and kale in the winter.”

For those interested in urban farming, there are apprenticeships March through November on the East Coast.

View the complete report (source in English):
"Steal This Job: Soil in the City"
Published on Expressnightout.com, by Eric Kroh Posted - April 09, 2012

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