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The International Green Construction Code Brings Sustainable Construction up to Standard

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The International Code Council (ICC) has released the 3rd version of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). The document provides a framework for states and bodies of government who want to introduce rules for Sustainable Construction.

According to ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials), the 2012 update covers “the construction and remodeling of residential as well as commercial structures” and public spaces. It is the result of three years of public meetings between construction professionals, environmental organizations, ICC policymakers and interested individuals. As a result, the code standardizes everything from solar reflectance and water conservation to green roofs and thermal insulation. The Globe Street reports that the mix of actors has given “localities more flexibility in how they implement [the standards]” by offering multiple paths to the benchmark.
This flexibility is not to be confused with laissez-faire. The new IgCC is written in mandatory language, a change from relative rating systems: it either conforms to the IgCC or does not. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) believes this will stop “the practice of reinventing the wheel at the local levels” and the disconnect from theory to practice.
The code is an alternative to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which is not as relevant to modern construction demands and does not necessarily evaluate sustainable buildings during construction. The International Code Council stresses that the IgCC is not meant to be a replacement.
IgCC is sponsored by the AIA, ASTM International, U.S. Green Building Council, Illuminating Engineering Society and ASHRAE, which are all American foundations. Their goal in the IgCC context is to create green jobs in the construction industry while simultaneously reducing costs.

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