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Singapore’s Urban Farming is a Community Success

While Singapore is mostly known for its urban, service-oriented lifestyle, the country still maintains a small agriculture sector, which covers 3% of Singapore’s land mass.
A new addition to this small production is community urban farming. Communities are urged to come together to create, tend and use a vegetable garden in a city environment. They are aided by government organizations and agriculture companies, but much of it is left entirely to the residents.
This is part of the larger initiative Community in Bloom which not only aims to teach people about biodiversity and the importance of respecting the environment in the city, but also to create a stronger sense of community. For the most part, results are encouraging. For example, a hospital created a rooftop garden whose produce benefits patients and the Goldhill Estate’s vegetable garden won three awards at the 2010 Singapore Garden Festival.

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Published on Channelnewsasia.com - April 1, 2012 – Author: WM
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Posted by: Robert YOUNGBLOOD / Translation English -> French by: Miriam OULD

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