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Hanover Messe: Metropolitan Solutions to Energy Issues

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Hanover Messe 2012 is a long-running German convention dedicated to showcasing industrial technology and solutions to environmental and energy problems. An ever-growing problem was highlighted in this year’s “Metropolitan Solutions” section: how is it possible to maintain both high rates of urbanization and responsible resource use? Several projects were highlighted for their “greentelligence” which often meant going above and beyond the call for personal sustainability.

The first of these was the prototypical family house designed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. The house is 130 m², and despite its size incorporates both a solar heating system and rooftop photovoltaic tiles. These two energy sources leave the house carbon neutral and with excess energy, which can then be used in a built-in charge station for an electric car.

On a larger scale, the “Energy City of Leipzig” is host to many initiatives towards cleaner and sustainable power sources. All residences in this city of 500,000 are being linked to a smart grid in order to efficiently allocate energy based on each house’s power consumption. Leipzig(1) also houses the European Energy Exchange and ranks 68th on Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey.

The “Hamburg Water Cycle” project, currently in the prototype stage, will create energy out of unclean water, from toilets to septic tanks. This technology will be tested in Hamburg’s Jenfelder Au district, known as a flagship project for compact living and a surrounding green environment.

Read the complete report (source):
"Hannover Messe : Les villes éco-énergétiques du futur"
Published on Relaxnews - April 24, 2012

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presentation on IBA-Hamburg.de

Note 1: details about Leipzig come from http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leipzig

Published by: Robert YOUNGBLOOD / Translation English => French by: Claire COLNET

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