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They support our work

We would like to offer our very first partners our most sincere thanks for having supported us from the beginnings, and provided us with the resources to start TerriStorias project, by funding a big part of the essential steps 1 to 3 in 2010-2011 (learn more about these steps in "About TerriStorias"):

ALPHAVILLE (Urban Planning Agency)

Based in Paris, Alphaville (Urban planning Agency) offers a large palette of competences, from territorial prospective to urban planning, passing by urban programming and project ownership support.
Partnership type: sponsoring, professional network.

Grant 'Paris Jeunes Aventures'

TerriStorias won a Grant ‘Paris Jeunes Aventures’ in 2010 and was even awarded as ‘Coup de cœur du Jury’, in the category ‘Environment’.
Partnership type: Grant.

Grant 'Projets jeunes'

Our project also was an Award winner 2010 at this competition, organized by the French Ministry of Youth.
Partnership type: Grant.

Founded in relation with the founder's passion for Asia, travels and photography, this company offers decoration and fashion lovely gifts, as well as clothes for children, all of them inspired by handicraft from Viêt Nam, Laos et Cambodia. Willing to help TerriStorias' achievement, and highly interested in discovering remarkable sustainable actions in Asia, MAE VINT decided to support our work.
Partnership type: sponsoring, information about Asia


To carry out the next steps of TerriStorias project (from 2012), we aim at partnering with more organizations (private or public, foundations…). We study every proposition, included coming from foreign organizations.

Case 1: Your organization would like to partner with us and to support our work.
Thank you for your commitment! Please contact us to plan out together an ideal partnership.

What do we offer to our partners?

Usually, they ask for visibility on our communication tools (online and off line).
But we may define together other benefits if your company/organization has special needs linked to our activities, and regarding to the support offered (e.g. advertising in our newsletter, reports, training, conference, pictures from our own collection for your communication tools…).

Case 2: You can’t take decisions on behalf of your company/organization, but you want to support our work as a private individual.

Thank you for your interest! Please click here to make your donation.

Important: every donation will be highly appreciated, even the smallest. Indeed, our team needs all your support to carry out the ambitious missions of TerriStorias project!

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