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You know some remarkable project(s) and you think that we should feature them on TerriStorias Network?
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Your Questions & Our Answers
  • Which type of 'remarkable' projects may I report about?
  • TerriStorias Network mainly focuses on:

    - Exemplary projects, that generate improvements to the social and environmental planning challenges, at a local scale (block, neighbourhood…) or a larger one (citywide, region…).
    These projects thus help the sustainable urban development of their city (e.g. green building, revitalization of public spaces to make them vibrant, sustainable waste or water management, energy efficiency, decent housing…).

    - Practical realizations, which implementation has been achieved or sufficiently advanced to enable an objective report about how they put into practice the principles of sustainable urban planning, the results and the lessons (success factors, limits…), which may be useful to further cities facing the same challenges.

    Please consider this Editorial line before suggesting.

  • How detailed should be my description of the project(s)?
  • We prefer a short email first (e.g. Aims of the project, Key features, Results).
    Specify if you'd like to realize a comprehensive report about this project (investigation, writing, pictures...) and and sign it yourself.
    We'll let you know quickly if your suggestion does match with our editorial line (above-mentioned).
    If you're not willing to realizing the report yourself, our team will do it as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your attention!
    TerriStorias Team