Outstanding feedbacks to inspire Sustainable Town Planning

Volunteering opportunities

Enthousiastic volunteers across the world, TerriStorias is waiting for you!
Indeed, gathering the best pratices worldwide is a huge work, and obviously we can’t be everywhere at the same time (… though this idea sounds great!).
So the more Volunteers will join us to develop our action, the more TerriStorias programs and tools will be useful to encourage Sustainable urban planning.
Don’t worry if you only have a few hours a month to get involved, we’ll always find some small missions for you.

//// If you’d like to join us, it’s very simple:
1) Choose your mission below
2) Contact us
Please specify how you’d like to help (tasks), why (motivations), when (regularly or just during a specific period) and what is your background (if you don’t mind, join your CV, it’ll be useful).

//// Our current Volunteering opportunities:

- Investigation/Writing Reports about remarkable projects worldwide: identifying these realizations is essential for our our project, and there’s enough to do for hundreds of “foreign correspondants”!
If you’re specialized (or studying) in any of the fields relative to urban / social / ecological issues, you’re welcome to be part of our Investigation program!
You may either investigate online concerning various cities, or explore on-the-ground in your own city. Depending your availability, you may just send us a email to report about some interesting project that you heard about (then we’ll take in charge the advanced investigation), or write your own report which will be published on our website mentioning your name: it’s up to you!

- Media outreach: If you know how to reach the medias (or want to try and learn) in order to promote our project or get our reports published in them to reach more readers, your help will be appreciated indeed! The more we get readers through medias, the more the exemplary projects we report about will inspire better practices regarding to urban planning!

- Translation/Edition: Our website is available in French (our native language, and spoken by 67.8 million people worldwide!) and in English (required to reach people at an international scale). Translators, that’s why we need your help to translate our publications from French to English. This is an essential task indeed, one of the key of the project, so if you can do it and you want to support us, that’s the point!
Please note that in case you’d like to help but you’re too busy to translate a whole publication, your help may be very useful as an editor (catching translation errors and proposing improvements).

- Specialized Watch: a bunch of medias publish interesting news about Sustainable urban planning every day. We can’t point out all of them, but as we’re making our own specialized watch, we’ve decided to share the best of it with our readers, so that they get more specific and up-to-date information when they visit us.
This column aims at pooling the watch from many volunteers worldwide, as obviously our own watch can't be exhaustive!

- Fundraising: as a young organization, TerriStorias needs to find more funders to carry out its missions (grants, sponsors, donations…). There is a lot to do, from identifying appropriate funders to getting them involved.
If Fundraising is your speciality, or if you feel ready to try it as a student in marketing/commercial fields, we’d appreciate your help. You may also help us to reach the department in charge of sponsoring in your company/organization, if you think that they would be interested to partner with us.

- Social medias: spread the word through social medias to your contacts, and help us to get more visibility (on Facebook, Twitter an so on, but also on more specialized networks, to reach the professional people who will contribute to TerriStorias network efficiency. If working with Social medias is your job, you may also help us to define a specific strategy to reach more specialists wordwide!